Sunday, December 8, 2013

Is that a FEMA... trunk?

Recently on a Facebook skeptics group that I belong to someone posted a very "curious" looking photo, along with the commentary by the person whom posted photo the somewhere else on Facebook:

Now the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that photo was, "Wow... that trailer needs a good wash."

All joking aside ofcourse what really came to my mind was that the words on the truck looked like it was put on there via digital photo manipulation (i.e. photoshopped) and even if it wasn't, then so what?

Now my first argument for why it is photoshopped is because of another photo that looks almost exactly like the first one provided to me via

Now clearly the second picture is photoshopped, and to be all honest it's not even that good of a photoshop job either.

Ofcourse just because the second photo has clearly been digitally manipulated, I have to admit that it does not mean that the first photo has been digitally manipulated as well. If you look closely at the bottom words "FEMA DISASTER RELIEF" that while the font style used for the letters are similar to the ones on the top, they are infact different.

If the first photo was photoshopped, the second photoshopped photo was probably done by someone else whom used the closest font style that they could find to the original words... unless the person whom created the original photo forgot the original font style that they used.

Now another reason why I think the photo has been digitally manipulated is because of the trailer itself.

Besides just being in need of a good wash, it is clearly a used trailer due to the fact that there is a company logo right next to "FEMA DISASTER RELIEF", as well as a logo on the truck that is pulling the trailer.

So if this photo was real, what it would tell me isn't that FEMA is planning on "something" evil, it's that they're moving a trailer from one location to another to another, probably for some bureaucratic reasons, or it's being driven around just to make sure that everything is okay with it and the truck that's pulling it (and before you point out that the person claims that it's coming from a FBI building in Virginia I should like to point out that I don't take such claims seriously unless I have more proof that it really did come from a FBI building in Virginia).

Also, if the photo is real then it tells me is that FEMA is pretty underfunded if the only big rigs they can afford to buy are used and can't be washed every so often due to funding...

Now this brings me to another reason why I'm pretty sure the photo was photoshopped, that being that the government does not buy used stuff (with the exception of law enforcement buying used vehicles for undercover purposes). Even if the government did infact buy used vehicles, they would have atleast have given it a new paint job, and have put FEMA's actual logo on it rather than in big red words "FEMA DISASTER RELIEF".

Also, there is one more thing about the photo that has lead me to believe that it is fake, and that being the comment of the person themselves.

The comment made on the photo says that it's heading north after "leaving" the FBI building in Virginia. My question which one?

The obvious answer would ofcourse be Quantico, which is the location of both the FBI Academy and the FBI Laboratory. But thing about all of this (besides the fact that the person making the comment might have been mislead about where the truck is coming from and going to, or is just outright lying) is why would the FBI employ FEMA to do something that it itself could do? More importantly if the FBI was trying to do something secretive then why wouldn't it use either a blank vehicle, or a vehicle that has a name on it other than the name of another government agency on it in such clear, bold letters?

All the evidence put together has lead me to concluded that the photo is fake, and that either it was created for the purpose of fooling conspiracy theorists and having a good laugh at their gullibility, or by a conspiracy theorist whom wished to make his or her claims about police state conspiracy theories seem more legit.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Communication and Records Center (Federal Reserve), Virginia

The claim: Mount Pony, Culpeper, 20.45

What it really is: The National Audio-Visual Conservation Center is the Library of Congress's autovisual archive that was originally Federal Reserve bunker until 1988.

Hill AFB/Utah Test and Training Range, Utah

The claim: Ogden, 968,774

What it really is: Hill Air Force Base is one of the only live fire Air Force bases in the country.

The base is also surrounded by residential areas.

Dugway Proving Ground, Utah

The claim: 1,315

What it really is: Dugway Proving Ground is an Army biological and chemical defensive testing ground with only a few buildings in the east that are clearly to small to be used as a prison camp.

Pantex Plant, Texas

The claim: (more than 12,000 plutonium pits, plus up to several hundred weapons awaiting disassembly, including the W69/Short-Range Attack Missile, the W79/8-inch artillery shell, and the B53 gravity bomb) Amarillo, 16,000

What it really is: Pantex Plant is the United States's only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly plant.

The facility has been the site of multiple protests, and currently a 20 acre site located adjacent to the facility called "The Peace Farm" is used as a place of protest and for education about the environment, nuclear proliferation, and peace issues.

Kelly AFB, Texas

The claim: San Antonio, 4,660

What it really is: Kelly Field Annex (formerly known as Kelly Air Force Base) is part of the Joint Base San Antonio and is a major part of the community, and is also surrounded by residual areas.

Goodfellow AFB, Texas

The claim: San Angelo, 1,137

What it really is: Goodfellow Air Force Base is a non-flying Air Force base located in San Angelo. The base is used primarily for training and air education.

Dyess AFB, Texas

The claim: Abilene, 6,437

What it really is: Dyess Air Force Base is a large Air Force in the middle of Texas. The are over 13,000 military personnel and civilians on the base, and employs more than 5,000 people.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carswell AFB, Texas

The claim: Fort Worth, 3,274

What it really is: The Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (formerly known as Carswell Air Force Base) is a military air field operated by the Navy Reserve.

While the base is operation by the Navy, it is also used by the Air Force, the Marines, and the Texas Air National Guard, and also employees civilian personnel as well.

The base itself is also surround by residential areas.

Oak Ridge Reservation, Tennessee

The claim: Oak Ridge, 35,252

What it really is: The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the largest science and energy national laboratory in the Department of Energy, and partners with the state of Tennessee, universities, and industries to solve challenges in energy, advanced materials, manufacturing, security and physics.

The facility is also home to several of the world's top supercomputers.

Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc., Tennessee

The claim: Erwin, 66

What it really is: Nuclear Fuel Services it a private company that provides fuel for the Navy's nuclear powered ships, and also converts weapons grade uranium into fuel for nuclear reactors.

Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Tennessee

The claim: Kingsport, 6,020

What it really is: The Holston Army Ammunition Plant is a government-owned and contractor operated ammunition production and development facility.

The facility itself employees over 14,000 civilian and contractor personnel, but only 20 military personnel.

Arnold Engineering Development Center/Arnold AFB, Tennessee

The claim: Manchester, 40,118

What it really is The Arnold Engineering Development Center is a Air Force ground based flight testing facility that is used for the testing and evaluating of aircraft, missile, and space systems and subsystems.

Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota

The claim: Rapid City, 10,632 (missile field covered an additional 18,000 sq. miles)

What it really is: Ellsworth Air Force Base is just your typical Air Force base in the middle of no where.

Using Google maps I can find nothing there that looks like a prison camp. Also there are a couple of towns next to the base, so it makes it highly unlikely that a prison camp could be hidden here.

Savannah River Site, South Carolina

The claim: Aiken, 198,400

What it really is: The Savannah River Site is a nuclear reservation that is owned by the Department of Energy.

The site was built in the 1950's for the refinement of nuclear materials in nuclear weapons, but none of the site's reactors are currently operating.

The facility itself has been the site of major clean up operations.

Newport Naval Base/Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Rhode Island

The claim: Newport, 1,440

What it really is: Naval Station Newport is a typical Navy base, but also is home to multiple schools for the Navy as well, including the Naval War College and the Naval Justice School.

Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, Pennsylvania

The claim: West Mifflin, 160

What it really is: The Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory is a government owned research and development facility that's sole purpose is the designing and development of nuclear power resources for the Navy.

Alternate Joint Communications Center (Site "R"), Pennsylvania

The claim: near Waynesboro (inside Raven Rock Mountain), 6

What it really is: The Raven Rock Mountain Complex is a small communications facility that houses the emergency operations centers for the military and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

While the site itself is restricted from the public and and taking photographs of the site is restricted, the site itself can be easily viewed via Google Maps, and it shows nothing that even closely resembles a prison camp.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kingsley Field, Oregon

The claim: Klamath Falls, 425

What it really is: The Kingsley Field Air National Guard Base is a former Air Force base that was transferred to the Oregon Air National Guard in 1978.

Clinton-Sherman AFB, Oklahoma

The claim: Clinton, ?

What it really is: Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base was closed in 1969. Today it is the Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark.

Altus AFB, Oklahoma

The claim: Altus, 5,982

What it really is: Altus Air Force Base is just your typical Air Force base that after looking at it via Google maps I could find nothing resembling a prison camp.

Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

The claim: Dayton, 8,145

What it really is: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is a large and historic Air Force base located in Ohio.

The base itself has areas open to the public, including the National Museum of the United States Air Force, and has several thousand civilian personnel working on the base.

The base is also a National Historical landmark.

RMI Titanium Company Extrusion Plant, Ohio

The claim: Ashtabula, 8.2

What it really is: RMI Titanium Company is a private company that manufacture titanium alloys and specialty metals.

Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Ohio

The claim: Piketon, 3,708

What it really is: The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant had previously produce enriched uranium, but is now shutdown and is preparing to be decontaminated and decommissioned.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Newark AFB, Ohio

The claim: Newark, 70

What it really is: The actual name of the facility is the Air Force Metrology and Calibration Program Office, and it is the primary manager of metrology services for the Air Force.

Mound Laboratory, Ohio

The claim: Miamisburg, 306

What it really is: Mound Laboratories was a Cold War nuclear weapons research facility. The facility was declared a Superfund site in 1989, and was eventually cleaned up.

The facility has since closed and is now open for commercial development.

Fernald Environmental Management Project, Ohio

The claim: Fernald, 1,050

What it really is: The Fernald Feed Materials Production Center was a uranium processing plant that made uranium fuel cores for nuclear weapons. The facility closed in 1989 and the surrounding area has since been turned into a nature preserve.

The facility gained notoriety in 1984 when it was learned that the plant had been releasing millions of pounds worth of radioactive dust into the atmosphere, contaminating the surrounding area and costing $4.4 billion to clean up the site.

Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota

The claim: 25 B61-7 gravity bombs; 60 B83 gravity bombs, Emerado, 5,418 (missile field covers an additional 8,500 sq. miles)

What it really is: The Grand Forks Air Force Base is your typical Air Force base out in the middle of no where with nothing that you wouldn't typically find on any other Air Force base.

Cavalier AFS, North Dakota

The claim: Concrete, ?

What it really is: Cavalier Air Force Station is a small Air Force facility with both members from the US and Canadian military stationed there, as well as civilian employees.

The station monitors for and tracks potential missile launches against North America, as well as tracks half of all Earth orbiting objects.

Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina

The claim: Goldsboro, 3,233

What it really is: Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is basically your typical Air Force base.

After looking at the base via Google maps I can find nothing there that resembles a prison camp or anything that one would not find on an Air Force base.

Seneca Army Depot, New York

The claim: Romulus, ?

What it really is: Seneca Army Depot was closed in 2000, and is now under control by numerous private industries, and as for the state the site hosts the Five Points Correctional Facility and the Seneca County Law Enforcement Center.

Currently there is much discussion on what to do with the rest of the land, being that much of it is dotted with concrete storage bunkers that were used to store munitions.

Plattsburgh AFB, New York

The claim: Plattsburgh, 4,879

What it really is: Plattsburgh Air Force Base was closed in 1995 and is now a civilian airport called the Plattsburgh International Airport, and a industrial complex.

Niagara Falls Storage Site, New York

The claim: Lewiston, 191

What it really is: The Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station (it's actual name) is an Air Force reserve base that shares runways with the Niagara Falls International Airport.

Currently the only aircraft stationed at the base are C-130 transport planes.

Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, New York

The claim: Niskayuna and West Milton, 4,070

What it really is: The Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory is a research and development facility dedicated to the research, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the US Navy's nuclear powered warships.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Griffiss AFB, New York

The claim: Rome, 3,896

What it really is: Griffiss Air Force Base closed in 1995 and is now the Griffiss Business and Technology Park. The only military presence that remains is the Rome Research Site of the Air Force Research Laboratory, and the New York Air National Guard.

Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York

The claim: Upton, Long Island, 5,300

What it really is: Brookhaven National Laboratory is a US national laboratory that researches in Nuclear physics, material physics and chemistry, and environmental and biological research.

The site is staffed by approximately 3,000 scientists, engineers, technicians, and support personnel, and hosts 4,000 guest investigators every year.

NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey

The claim: Lakehurst, 7,400

What it really is: Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst is the provider of full spectrum support for aircraft launch, recovery and support equipment systems for U.S. and allied Naval Aviation Forces at sea and Marine Corps Expeditionary Aviation Forces ashore.

The base was also the site of the Navy's lighter than air programs (i.e. airships, blimps) and still contains two huge hangers that once housed airships.

The base is also the site of the Hindenburg disaster.

Earle Naval Weapons Station, New Jersey

The claim: Colts Neck, 11,000

What it really is: Earle Naval Weapons Station is a Navy Base with a near 3 mile long pier that is used to load and unload ammunition from warships a safe distance away from the heavily populated areas that surround the base.

Also I imagine the site attracts a lot of site seers as well due to the fact that the base has such a huge pier.

Pease ANG, New Hampshire

The claim: Portsmouth, 229

What it really is: Pease Air National Guard base is a former Air Force base that was taken over by the New Hampshire Air National Guard in 1991 after Air Force closed the base. The base is also the site of a civilian airport and commercial center called the Pease International Tradeport.

Offutt AFB, Nebraska

The claim: (HQ of U.S. Strategic Command), Omaha, 4,041

What it really is: Offutt Air Force Base is the home of the U.S. Strategic Command. This only makes the base more important then most others. It does not mean how ever that this is the site of a FEMA camp.

The base itself isn't that large either, and is bordered by the city of Omaha to the north, along with other residential areas to the west, so it would be pretty difficult to hide a prison camp there.

Lincoln AFB, Nebraska

The claim: Lincoln, ?

What it really is: The Lincoln Air Force base became the Lincoln Air National Guard Base in 1971, and is also a joint civilian airport with the Lincoln Airport.

Whiteman AFB, Missouri

The claim: (200 B61-7 gravity bombs; 50 B61-11 gravity bombs; 300 B83 gravity bombs) Knob Noster, 4,627 (missile field covered an additional 10,000 sq. miles)

What it really is: Whiteman Air Force Base is home 509th Bomb Wing, a bomber wing that operates the the B-2, so it's entirely possible the base has some gravity bombs located on site.

As for the 10,000 sq. mile missile field, this one is false. Such a field would be HUGE, and the base itself is surrounded by a state park to the west, the town of Knob Noster to the north, and farm land to the south and east, not to mention public roads.

Also, looking at this base via Google maps, I can see nothing there that resembles a prison camp.

Kansas City Plant, Missouri

The claim: Kansas City, 136

What it really is: The Kansas City Plant (now known as Bannister Federal Complex) produces 85% of the non-nuclear materials used in the nation's nuclear arsenal, as well as other non-nuclear components for the United States national defense systems.

Besides manufacturing, the Kansas City Plant also provides technical services for testing and analyzing of certain things, such as metallurgical/mechanical analysis and environmental testing.

Destrehan Street Plant, Missouri

The claim: St. Louis, 45

What it really is: While I'm not 100% certain, I believe the site that has been mentioned is a plant owned by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, a company that produces specialty pharmaceutical products.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Columbus AFB, Mississippi

The claim: Columbus, 6,015

What it really is: Columbus Air Force Base is an Air Force base dedicated to training pilots. Half of all Air Force pilots today were trained at this base.

Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan

The claim: Oscoda, 5,221

What it really is: Wurtsmith Air Force Base was closed in 1993 and is now the Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport. The site is also a superfund site due to the groundwater pollution, and is currently being cleaned up.

ELF transmitter, Michigan

The claim: Republic, ?

What if really is: The ELF transmitter in Michigan was once used to communicate with submarines, but was dismantled in 2004.

Kincheloe AFB, Michigan

The claim: ?

What it really is: Kincheloe Air Force Base was closed in 1977, and is now known as the Chippewa County International Airport.

White Oak Naval Surface Weapons Center, Maryland

The claim: White Oak, ?

What it really is: The Naval Ordnance Laboratory in White Oak, Maryland, was closed in the 1990's, and is now run by the FDA.

Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland

The claim: 7,900

What it really is: Naval Air Station Patuxent River is a large Navy base situated on a peninsula at the mouth of the the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay.

While the base does have many buildings on it, none of them appear to be the type one would find on a prison camp. Considering this, and the fact that the base has civilian employees, makes this an unlikely location of a prison camp.

Fort Ritchie, Maryland

The claim: Cascade, 630

What it really is: Fort Ritchie is an Army base that closed in 1998. The former base is now under a mixed-use development plan.

Naval Radio Transmitter Facility (VLF/LF), Maryland

The claim: Annapolis, ?

What it really is: NSS Annapolis is a former VLF and HF transmitter station for the US Navy.

The station was rendered obsolete by satellite technology, and ceased operations. All but three towers were demolished in 1999. The three that remain were left for historical proposes.

Andrews AFB, Maryland

The claim: Camp Springs, 7,550

What it really is: Andrews Fields is the home of Air Force One, and because of this is one of the most watched Air Force Bases in the country. That fact alone would make it impossible to hide a prison camp there.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

The claim: Aberdeen, 79,000

What it really is: Aberdeen Proving Ground is the Army's oldest proving ground.

While there is a lot of open area around the proving ground, none of it contains anything resembling a prison camp.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cape Cod AS, Massachusetts

The claim: Buzzards Bay, 22

What it really is: Cape Cod Air Force Station is an Air Force facility that's used for tracking space debris, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

Presque Isle AFB, Maine

The claim: Presque Isle, ?

What it really is: Presque Isle Air Force Base was closed in 1961. The site now contains an airport, a college, residual areas, and an industrial park.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Maine

The claim: Kittery, 278

What it really is: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is used by the US Navy for remodeling and repairing submarines. The shipyard is also used by the Coast Guard as a home port for several cutters.

The shipyard is also registered as a National Historical Place.

Loring AFB, Maine

The claim: Limestone, 11,165

What it really is Loring Air Force Base was closed in 1994.

The site of the base has been converted into public use, and is now the Loring International Airport and the Loring Commerce Center.

Barksdale AFB, Louisiana

The claim: (50 B61-7 gravity bombs; 90 B83 gravity bombs; 300 W80-1/Air-Launched Cruise Missiles; 100 W80-1/Advanced Cruise Missiles) Bossier City, 22,000

What it really is: Barksdale Air Force Base is an Air Force Base located right next to Bossier City, LA. which would make it difficult to hide a prison camp from the public. Also looking at the base via Google Maps I could not find anything that would not be found on a typical Air Force base.

The base itself has several bomber squadrons, so having such weapons there wouldn't be that unusual either.

Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Maine

The claim: Cutler, East Machias, 2,850

What it really is: The actual name for the facility is VLF Transmitter Cutler. The facility is a very low frequency shore radio station used by the Navy to provide one-way communications with submarines.

The facility itself has two identical umbrella arrays. The reason for this is because if one has to be taken offline for repairs and maintenance, the other one can remain operational.

NAS Brunswick, Maine

The claim: Brunswick, 3,221

What it really is: Naval Air Station Brunswick was closed in 2010.

In 2011 the airport was reopened as the Brunswick Executive Airport. The rest of the property is also under redevelopment for public use as well

Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Kentucky

The claim: Paducah, 3,422

What it really is: Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant is the only operating uranium enrichment facility in the US, and produces low-enriched uranium for nuclear fuel.

The facility is operated by United States Enrichment Corporation, a subsidiary of USEC Incorporated, a publicly traded corporation.

Schilling AFB, Kansas

The claim: Salina, ?

What it really is: Schilling Air Force Base was closed 1965 with the only military presence left being the Kansas Air National Guard whom still uses the bombing range and some of the buildings.

The former base is now a quiet place that houses a few private businesses, as well as Kansas State University at Salina and Salina Area Technical College

Forbes Field, Kansas

The claim: Topeka, 193

What it really is: Forbes Field is a Air Force base that was closed in 1973 and is now a public airport.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Burlington AEC Plant, Iowa

The claim: Burlington, ?

What it really is: The Iowa Army Ammunition Plant is a munitions plant that builds large caliber ammunition for the Army (i.e. big bullets that has to be fired out of a cannon).

The plant itself only employs 20 military personnel, but over 5,800 civilians and 8,300 contractor personnel.

Ames Laboratory, Iowa

The claim: Ames, 10

What it really is: Ames Laboratory is a United States Department of Energy national laboratory that conducts unclassified research into various areas of national concern.

The laboratory is located on the campus of Iowa State University, and is affiliated with the school.

Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois

The claim: Rock Island, 946

What it really is: Rock Island Arsenal is one of the oldest munitions plants in the country, and is a national historical landmark.

The facility also has 6,000 civilians working there, and only 250 military personnel working there. The site also has it's own museum.

Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois

The claim: Argonne, 1,704

What it really is: Argonne National Laboratory is the first science and engineering research national laboratory in the United States. It's five major areas of focus are: Conducting basic scientific research, operating national scientific facilities, enhancing the nation's energy resources, developing better ways to manage environmental problems, and protecting national security.

The facility is also open to anyone 16 years old or older to take guided tours.

Mountain Home AFB

The claim: Mountain Home, 9,112

What it really is: Mountain Home Air Force Base is a Air Force base that (after looking at it on Google maps) is out in the middle of nowhere.

The only thing there are some farmer fields that surround the base, mountains, housing for base personal and their families, and some buildings that are common with Air Force bases in order to support and maintain the aircraft there.

Robins AFB, Georgia

The claim: Warner Robins, 8,800

What it really is: Robins Air Force Base is a major Air Force Base that hosts the Warner Roberts Air Logistics Center that is used not only for the maintenance of Air Force air craft, but also employs almost 13,000 civilians.

The base also has it's own museum as well, which has around half a million visitors annually.

Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base/Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic, Georgia

The claim: (1,600 W76/Trident I warheads; 400 W88/Trident II warheads; 160 W80-0/Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles) Kings Bay, 16,000

What it really is: Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay is a major Navy base that is the home port for the U.S. Atlantic Fleet's ballistic missile nuclear submarines which are armed with Trident missile nuclear weapons. Whether the base actually keeps any nuclear missiles on site is unknown as such information would most likely be considered top secret, but even if the base did have nuclear weapons on site, it wouldn't be unexpected considering the base does support ballistic missile nuclear submarines.

While the base does cover 16,000 acres, 4,000 of those acres are protected wetlands.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory

The claim: Idaho Falls, 571,800

What it really is: Idaho National Laboratory is a large laboratory facility controlled by the Department of Energy and operated by Battelle Energy Alliance. The facility it self is used in the development of energy systems, including nuclear energy.

West Loch, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

The claim: Oahu, 12,191

What it really is: West Loch was the site of a disaster that occurred on May 21, 1944, and kill 163. The exact cause of the explosion that caused the disaster remains unknown to this day.

Most wreckage has since been removed and salvaged, but LST-480 still remains. A memorial is also located at the site as well.

Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Hawaii

The claim: Wahiawa, Oahu, ?

What it really is: Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific is the provider for the operational direction and management to all Pacific Naval Telecommunication System users. 

To put it in layman's terms, it's the largest communications relay facility for the US Navy in the Pacific.

Pearl Harbor Naval Station, Hawaii

The claim: Oahu, 2,319

What it really is: Naval Station Pearl Harbor is a major Navy base locate next to the city of Honolulu.

The base is a National Historical Landmark, with portions of it open to the public, including the USS Arizona and Utah memorials (which were sunk by the Japanese Imperial Navy on December 7, 1941, and couldn't be raised up), and the USS Missouri.

Kahoolawe Island, Hawaii

The claim: Kahoolawe Island, 28,800. Until 1994, the entire island was off limits to civilians and used for bombardment practice, including simulated nuclear weapons.

What it really is: In 1990 the US Navy ended live fire training on the island of Kaho'olawe. In 1994 the island was transferred to the state of Hawaii.

In 1981 the island was added to the National Register of Historic Places due to its archaeological sites. In 1993 the state legislator established the Kaho'olawe Island Reserve, turning the entire island into a nature reserve.

The island itself has no permanent population due mostly to the fact that the island lacks fresh water.

Hickam AFB, Hawaii

The claim: Honolulu, 2,761

What it really is: Hickam Field is an Air Force facility that shares runways with Honolulu International Airport. The base was merged with Pearl Harbor Naval Base and is now part of the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

Barking Sands Pacific Missile Range Facility, Hawaii

The claim: Kauai, 1,925

What it really is: The Pacific Missile Range Facility, Barking Sands, is a Navy facility that is also the world's largest instrumented, multi-dimensional testing and training missile range.

While it's location along the coast makes it ideal for missile testing, the fact that it's next to sugar cane fields (which could be accessed by the public), and in is on flat land, would make it very hard location to hide a FEMA camp on.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pinellas Plant, Florida

The claim: St. Petersburg, 90

What it really is: Pinellas Plant (now known as the Young-Rainy Star Center) use to be a nuclear weapons manufacturing facility operated by the Department of Energy, but is now a high-technology and manufacturing center owned by Pinellas County.

Patrick AFB, Florida

The claim: Cocoa Beach, 2,341

What it really is: Patrick Air Force Base is an Air Force Space Command base.

The base is used to launched unmanned rockets and satellites for the US military, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the National Security Agency, as well as scientific payload launches in support of NASA, weather satellite launches in support of NOAA, payloads in support of international customers such as the European Space Agency, and commercial payloads for various corporate communications entities.

Mayport Naval Station, Florida

The claim: Mayport, 3,000

What it really is: Naval Station Mayport is a Navy base that currently undergoing infrastructure changes and construction of new facilities in order to be suitable to harbor nuclear powered carriers.

NAS Jacksonville, Florida

The claim: Jacksonville, ?

What it really is: Naval Air Station Jacksonville is a military airport, and is actually one of two naval bases located in Duval County, Florida.

All the buildings located there are basically what would be typically expected at a facility that was both an airport and a military air base. Also, there are multiple civilian facilities surrounding the base (including houses and businesses). It would be highly unlikely that a prison camp could be hidden there for very long without a lot of people seeing it.

Eglin AFB, Florida

The claim: Fort Walton Beach, 463,452 (Only 752 acres used for evaluating nuclear base security systems are counted toward the total)

What it really is: Eglin Air Force Base is a fairly large Air Force Base. The claim that only 752 acres of the base are actually counted is completely false. In fact it is official knowledge that the base covers 463,128 acres.

The base is also surrounded by towns and cities, has military family housing units, and has scheduled passenger airline service as the Northwest Florida Regional Airport, which is co-located on the base property.

NAS Cecil Field, Florida

The claim: Jacksonville, 21,000

What it really is: Navel Air Station Cecil Field was closed in 1999 and is now the Cecil Commerce Center and Cecil Airport.

The only military presence left there is the Florida National Guard.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cape Canaveral AFS, Florida

The claim: Cape Canaveral, 15,804

What it really is: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station originally began as a missile testing ground, and has since evolved into one of the major facilities of the United States space program.

Despite not actually being open to the public, it's in a very open area, and is on flat ground. Any one can see any part of the base at any time (provided they have a boat), making hiding a prison camp here very difficult.

Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, Connecticut

The claim: Windsor, 10.8

What it really is: Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory is a government owned facility that is operated by Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation, and is responsible for the research, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of U.S. nuclear-powered warships.

Groton Naval Submarine Base, Connecticut

The claim: New London, 500

What it really is: It's actual name is the Naval Submarine Base New London and is the U.S. Navy's primary submarine base.

The base itself contains housing and support facilities for more than 21,000 civilian workers, active-duty service members and their families, which would make hiding and actually FEMA camp here difficult as there could be potentially hundreds of people find out about it and have it become publicly known.

Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado

The claim: Underground city 2 1/2 miles down super computers here beyond your imagination per Dr. Deagle. Colorado Springs, 3,840

What it really is: Schriever Air Force Base is a fairly large Air Force base, with more than 8100 active duty and guard/reserve personnel, civilian employees, and contractors that operate the base.

As for the claims by Dr. Deagle, I find them highly unlikely. Besides the difficulty of going down that deep into the Earth and hollowing out a space large enough for an underground city, the heat that deep down would make it difficult to work in, and would damage these so called super computers.

As for Dr. Deagle himself, well, he promotes a lot of bizarre conspiracy theories and should not be considered a reliable source for anything.

Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Colorado

The claim: Golden, 6,550

What it really is: The Rocky Flats Plant was a highly controversial nuclear weapons production plant that was subject to numerous criminal investigations over it's mishandling of nuclear waste.

The site itself is now closed and is being cleaned and turned into a wild life refugee.

Peterson AFB, Colorado

The claim: Colorado Springs, 1,277

What it really is: Peterson Air Force Base located in Colorado Springs and shares runways with the adjacent City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport under a shared joint civil-military airport arrangement.

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado

The claim: It is said that NORAD moved in 2007. Colorado Springs, 451

What it really is: Despite the belief, NORAD still operates here, it's just that the installation is under command of the Cheyenne Mountain Division, and has been so since 2006.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lowry AFB, Colorado

The claim: Denver, ?

What it really is: Lowry Air Force Base was closed in 1994. The land is now being used for commercial and residential development.

Aurora AFB (formerly Buckley ANGB), Colorado

The claim: Aurora, 3,832

What it really is: The base is actually called Buckley Air Force Base, and is an Air Force Space Command base that serves more than 92,000 active duty, National Guard, Reserve and retired personnel throughout the Front Range community.

Since 2000 the base has been going through a large amount of new construction and modernization, including new enlisted airmen's dormitories, a commissary, a base exchange, a fitness center, and family housing units.  

Travis AFB, California

The claim: Fairfield, 6,258

What it really is: Travis Air Force Base is a major Air Force base located next to Fairfield, and is Nicknamed the "Gateway to the Pacific" due to it handling more cargo and passenger traffic than any other military air terminal in the US.

The base also includes 7,260 active USAF military personnel, 4,250 Air Force Reserve personnel and 3,770 civilians.

The base also hosts the Jimmy Doolittle Air & Space Museum.

Sierra Army Depot, California

The claim: Herlong, ?

What it really is: The Sierra Army Depot is an Army supply depot that has been scaling back operation since the 1990's. By 2001 the depot on had eight ammo storage facilities, about half as many as it did in 1990.

Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, California

The claim: Seal Beach, ?

What it really is: Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach is a weapons and munitions storage, maintenance, and loading facility for the US Navy.

Also located on the site is a World War Two submarine memorial, the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge, and several public roads.

Sandia National Laboratories, California

The claim: Livermore, 413

What it really is: Sandia National Laboratories is a nuclear sciences and national security research facility that works for the US Department of Energy and is owned by Lockheed Martin.

Point Loma Naval Weapons Station, California

The claim: San Diego, ?

What it really is: It's actual name is Navel Base Point Loma, and has a base population of over 22,000 military and civilian personnel. The base itself has also been downsized since 1995.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Onizuka AFS, California

The claim: Sunnyvale, 20

What it really is: Onizuka Air Force Station was operated by the 21st Space Operations Squadron, until the base was shut down in 2010.

Point Mugu (Pacific Missile Test Center), California

The claim: Oxnard, 63,031

What it really is: Point Mugu (better known as Naval Base Ventura County) has a base population of over 19,000 personnel and over 100 tenant commands. Because of the sheer amount of people there, the base itself contains multiple buildings necessary for base operations and support.

NAS North Island, California

The claim: Coronado, 2,500

What it really is: Naval Air Station North Island is a near 100 year old Navy base located right next to the city of Coronado, and is surrounded by the city of San Diego, California.

The base hosts 23 aviation squadrons, and 80 additional tenant commands and activities. Because of this it is necessary for the base to have a large amount of support buildings located on it, and due to it's age it is also sometimes necessary to tear down and rebuild old buildings that are no longer functional for the needs of the base.

NAS Moffett Field, California

The claim: Mountain View, 13

What it really is: Moffett Federal Airfield (which is it's actually name) is a joint civil/military airfield and is owned and operated by the NASA Ames Research Center. The only military presence left at the airfield is the California Air National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve.

Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California

The claim: Vallejo, 4,400

What it really is: Mare Island Naval Shipyard was one of the oldest Navy ship yards in the country and was declared a National Historical Landmark in 1975.

The shipyard was closed in 1996.

March ARB, Califonia

The claim: Riverside, 6,486

What it really is: March Air Reserve Base is an Air Force Reserve base (I.E. not the main Air Force), but also contains units from the Army, Navy, and Marine Reserves as wall as the California Air National Guard.

There is also an air show there that is held every two years in March, and there have been several proposals in recent years to make the base a joint military/civilian airport.

Los Angeles Air Force Base, California

The claim: Los Angeles, 239

What it really is: Los Angeles Air Force Base is the headquarters for the Air Force's Space and Missile Systems Center and is used for the research and development of military space systems. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California

The claim: Livermore, 7,321

What it really is: The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is a Federally funded research and development center and is primarily funded by the Department of Energy. The facility itself is run by the University of CaliforniaBechtelBabcock & WilcoxURS, and Battelle Memorial Institute in affiliation with the Texas A&M University System.

Fort Ord, California

The claim: Seaside, ?

What it really is: Fort Ord closed in 1994 and is now under redevelopment. A state park and a college is now located there. Some of the site is also used for paintball competitions.

Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center

The claim: Monterey, ?

What it really is: The Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center is a Navy facility with the job of providing the Navy with worldwide meteorological and oceanographic support. The facility is operated by both military and civilian personnel.

Energy Technology Engineering Center, California

The claim: Santa Susana, 2,700

What it really is: The Energy Technology Engineering Center was closed in 1998 and is undergoing build removal and environmental remediation by the Department of Energy.

Edwards AFB, California

The claim: Edwards, 301,000

What it really is: Edwards Air Force Base is the home of the Air Force's Flight Test Center and has been the test site for multiple famous military aircraft.

Because this base is a testing facility, and such a large one at that, the base would require multiple large buildings for supporting the aircraft located and tested here. Most of these buildings are located around the runways as well, and not away from them.

The base also has on base housing for families of personnel that are stationed there.

Concord Naval Weapons Station, California

The claim: Concord, 12,000

What it really is: Concord Naval Weapons Station is a former armament storage depot built during World War Two. Much of the base in now closed and is now under consideration by the Navy for local land reuse by the city of Concord.

China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

The claim: Ridgecrest, 1,122,177

What it really is: Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake is the Navy's largest single largest landholding, and is the Navy's primary research and testing facility.

The base itself only has 620 military personal there. Most of the people who work there are either civilian employees or contractors, combined which makes up a total of 5,900 civilian personal. This combined with the fact that it is in the middle of a desert makes it very unlikely that a FEMA camp could be hidden here.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The claim: Dept. of National Defense reserve

What it really is: The Department of National Defence is largest employer there, which means is that it employs both military and civilians. The largest base in Canada (in terms of personnel) CFB Halifax, is surrounded by both residential and commercial buildings, which would make it very difficult to hide an interment camp there (not to mention there isn't much space there to build a prison camp either).

Ft. Providence, Northwest Territories, Canada

The claim: Located on Great Slave Lake.

What it really is: A small village located next to a lake with a poorly chosen name...

There are a couple of large buildings there. One happens to be a elementary school, and the other a college.

Ft. McPherson, Northwest Territories, Canada

The claim: Very cold territory ~ NW Territories.

What it really is: A small village in the Northwest Territories of Canada. There's some houses, a small airfield, a couple of abandoned quarries, and quiet a few same lakes, but that's it.

Ft. Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

The claim: Northernmost point on the BC Railway line.

What it really is: It's a town in Northern British Columbia with a population of around 3,900 and a large amount of seasonal tourism. The area also has major natural gas reserves, including a large natural gas field a couple of mile south of the town.

Wainwright CFB, Alberta, Canada

The claim: halfway between Medicine Hat and Primrose Lake.

What it really is: It's a training base that at any given time will have about 1,000 personal located on the base, which grows during the summer when reservists undertake annual training there.

Primrose Lake Air Range, Alberta, Canada

The claim: 70 miles northeast of Edmonton.

What it really is: First, the base is called Canadian Forces Lake Cold Lake, not Primrose Lake Air Range.

While the base does have several large buildings there, most of them are either hangers or other support facilities for the base itself. There is also civilian housing there and a cadet summer training facility there too.

Suffield CFB, Alberta, Canada

The claim: just north of Medicine Hat, less than 60 miles from the USA.

What it really is: Canadian Forces Base Suffield is the largest base for the Canadian military (after looking are the place via Google maps I can tell you that it is huge), and is used for defense development and research by the Canadian military, and as a training base for the British.

Not only is the base very vast, it also doesn't contain that many buildings, and none are large enough, or in large enough concentrations to even look like a prison camp.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Castle AFB, California

The claim: Atwater, 3,200

What it really is: Castle Air Force Base was closed in 1995, and is now the Castle Airport Aviation and Development Center.

There is a high security Federal Prison located next to the airport, but it only holds 1,350 prisoners.

Camp Roberts, California

The claim: Paso Robles, ?

What it really is: Camp Roberts is a California Army National Guard post that underwent major renovations in 2012, including the demolition of multiple World War Two era barracks that were basically health hazards.

Beale AFB, California

The claim: Marysville, 22,944

What it really is: Beale Air Force Base is host to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing.

While the base does have a few large buildings, none of them are anything you wouldn't find at a typical Air Force base.

NAS Alameda, California

The claim: San Francisco, 2,720

What it really is: Naval Air Station Alameda was closed in 1997. Part of the base is now open to the public, and the site also hosts the USS Hornet museum. The site is also under consideration for redevelopment.

Naval Air Station Adak, Alaska

The claim: Adak Island, 65,000

What it really is: Naval Air Facility Adak was closed in in 1997, and is now the Adak Airport.

Eareckson AS, Alaska

The claim: Shemya Island, 7,200

What it really is: Eareckson Air Station is a remote Air Force base located on Shemya Island. While there are several structures on the island, none of them are large enough to hold large amounts of prisoners in and are obviously for base personal and operations.

Clear AFS, Alaska

The claim: Anderson, ?

What it really is: Clear Air Force Station is a remote Air Force radar base that is part of NORAD.

While the base itself is pretty big, there aren't many buildings there as there would for a typical Air Force base, and most of the buildings there are dedicated to either housing radar equipment or base personal.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona

The claim: Tucson, 11,000

What it really is: A major Air Force base in Arizona.

While the base itself contains several large buildings, none of them appear to be the types you would find in a prison cam,. The base is also surrounded by numerous houses, making hiding anything like a prison camp difficult.

Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

The claim: Little Rock, 11,373

What it really is: The only C-130 training base for the Department of Defense.

While the base contains several large buildings, none of them are large enough to hold thousands of people, and appear to be for housing or plane maintenance.

Ira Eaker AFB, Arkansas

The claim: Blytheville, 3,931

What it really is: Eaker AFB was closed in 1994. Now the Arkansas International Airport. Originally called Blythville AFB.

Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

The claim: Huntsville, 38,000

What it really is: Redstone Arsenal is the Army's center of testing, development, and doctrine for the Army's missile programs. Also contains extensive wetland areas that's maintained by the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

The claim: US Marine Corps Base - Presently home to 30,000 Mariel Cubans and 40,000 Albanians. Total capacity unknown.

What it really is: Actually it's a navy base, not a Marine base.

Most of the Mariel Cubans that left Cuba actually ended up in the United States, not Guantanamo Bay, and while Cuban refugees do occasionally slip into Guantanamo Bay, the amount of refugees living there is no where near the 30,000 being claimed. In fact the most ever held there was 10,000 refugees.

There were Kosovar Albanian refugees there in the late 1990's, but only up to 10,000 were there at the most, and it was temporary until they were later resettled in the United States, or went back home to Kosovo.

Ft. Detrick, Maryland

The claim: Biological warfare center for the NWO, located in Frederick.

What it really is: Until 1969 this army base hosted the American biological weapons program, but now it host most of the United States biological defense program.

Ft. Meade, Maryland

The claim: Halfway between the District of Criminals and Baltimore. Data needed.

What it really is: Fort George G. Meade Army base is the home to the National Security Agency, the United States Cyber Command, and the Defense Courier Service (all of which I imagine the sovereign citizens movement hates...) amongst other things.

There is also a lot of housing and even businesses around there as well. Also, while there are a bunch of large buildings in this area, none of them resemble prison camps.

The lack of information, combined with the fact that whomever made this claim didn't even know that several intelligence agencies were located here leads me to believe that this claim is bogus.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Warsaw, Missouri

The claim: Unconfirmed report of a large concentration camp facility.

What it really is: Using Google maps the largest facilities that I found there was a Walmart and a U-Haul dealer. Nothing there even comes close to looking like a FEMA camp.

Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri

The claim: Situated in the middle of Mark Twain National Forest in Pulaski County. This site has been known for some UN training, also home to the US Army Urban Warfare Training school "Stem Village".

What it really is: Fort Leonard Wood has not hosted any training for UN troops, or any other foreign troops here, nor does it host urban combat training, although it is used for the Army Police Corps training.

Richards-Gebaur AFB, Missouri

The claim: located in Grandview, near K.C.MO. A very large internment facility has been built on this base, and all base personnel are restricted from coming near it.

What it really is: This Air Force base was closed down in 1994. A few companies do use the site, but much of it is now the in a deteriorating state.

Oakdale, Louisiana

The claim: Located on US route 165 about 50 miles south of Alexandria; two federal detention centers just southeast of Fort Polk.

What it really is: There are in fact two Federal detention centers here. One is called the Federal Correctional Institution, Oakdale, and houses low security inmates.

The other one is called the Federal Detention Center, Oakdale, and houses male hold over inmates, pre-trial inmates, and minimum security inmates in a prison camp.