Sunday, October 20, 2013

Communication and Records Center (Federal Reserve), Virginia

The claim: Mount Pony, Culpeper, 20.45

What it really is: The National Audio-Visual Conservation Center is the Library of Congress's autovisual archive that was originally Federal Reserve bunker until 1988.

Hill AFB/Utah Test and Training Range, Utah

The claim: Ogden, 968,774

What it really is: Hill Air Force Base is one of the only live fire Air Force bases in the country.

The base is also surrounded by residential areas.

Dugway Proving Ground, Utah

The claim: 1,315

What it really is: Dugway Proving Ground is an Army biological and chemical defensive testing ground with only a few buildings in the east that are clearly to small to be used as a prison camp.

Pantex Plant, Texas

The claim: (more than 12,000 plutonium pits, plus up to several hundred weapons awaiting disassembly, including the W69/Short-Range Attack Missile, the W79/8-inch artillery shell, and the B53 gravity bomb) Amarillo, 16,000

What it really is: Pantex Plant is the United States's only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly plant.

The facility has been the site of multiple protests, and currently a 20 acre site located adjacent to the facility called "The Peace Farm" is used as a place of protest and for education about the environment, nuclear proliferation, and peace issues.

Kelly AFB, Texas

The claim: San Antonio, 4,660

What it really is: Kelly Field Annex (formerly known as Kelly Air Force Base) is part of the Joint Base San Antonio and is a major part of the community, and is also surrounded by residual areas.

Goodfellow AFB, Texas

The claim: San Angelo, 1,137

What it really is: Goodfellow Air Force Base is a non-flying Air Force base located in San Angelo. The base is used primarily for training and air education.

Dyess AFB, Texas

The claim: Abilene, 6,437

What it really is: Dyess Air Force Base is a large Air Force in the middle of Texas. The are over 13,000 military personnel and civilians on the base, and employs more than 5,000 people.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carswell AFB, Texas

The claim: Fort Worth, 3,274

What it really is: The Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (formerly known as Carswell Air Force Base) is a military air field operated by the Navy Reserve.

While the base is operation by the Navy, it is also used by the Air Force, the Marines, and the Texas Air National Guard, and also employees civilian personnel as well.

The base itself is also surround by residential areas.

Oak Ridge Reservation, Tennessee

The claim: Oak Ridge, 35,252

What it really is: The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the largest science and energy national laboratory in the Department of Energy, and partners with the state of Tennessee, universities, and industries to solve challenges in energy, advanced materials, manufacturing, security and physics.

The facility is also home to several of the world's top supercomputers.

Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc., Tennessee

The claim: Erwin, 66

What it really is: Nuclear Fuel Services it a private company that provides fuel for the Navy's nuclear powered ships, and also converts weapons grade uranium into fuel for nuclear reactors.

Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Tennessee

The claim: Kingsport, 6,020

What it really is: The Holston Army Ammunition Plant is a government-owned and contractor operated ammunition production and development facility.

The facility itself employees over 14,000 civilian and contractor personnel, but only 20 military personnel.

Arnold Engineering Development Center/Arnold AFB, Tennessee

The claim: Manchester, 40,118

What it really is The Arnold Engineering Development Center is a Air Force ground based flight testing facility that is used for the testing and evaluating of aircraft, missile, and space systems and subsystems.

Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota

The claim: Rapid City, 10,632 (missile field covered an additional 18,000 sq. miles)

What it really is: Ellsworth Air Force Base is just your typical Air Force base in the middle of no where.

Using Google maps I can find nothing there that looks like a prison camp. Also there are a couple of towns next to the base, so it makes it highly unlikely that a prison camp could be hidden here.

Savannah River Site, South Carolina

The claim: Aiken, 198,400

What it really is: The Savannah River Site is a nuclear reservation that is owned by the Department of Energy.

The site was built in the 1950's for the refinement of nuclear materials in nuclear weapons, but none of the site's reactors are currently operating.

The facility itself has been the site of major clean up operations.

Newport Naval Base/Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Rhode Island

The claim: Newport, 1,440

What it really is: Naval Station Newport is a typical Navy base, but also is home to multiple schools for the Navy as well, including the Naval War College and the Naval Justice School.

Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, Pennsylvania

The claim: West Mifflin, 160

What it really is: The Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory is a government owned research and development facility that's sole purpose is the designing and development of nuclear power resources for the Navy.

Alternate Joint Communications Center (Site "R"), Pennsylvania

The claim: near Waynesboro (inside Raven Rock Mountain), 6

What it really is: The Raven Rock Mountain Complex is a small communications facility that houses the emergency operations centers for the military and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

While the site itself is restricted from the public and and taking photographs of the site is restricted, the site itself can be easily viewed via Google Maps, and it shows nothing that even closely resembles a prison camp.