Saturday, June 1, 2013

Concordia, Kansas

The claim: WWII German POW camp used to exist at this location but there is no facility there at this time.

What it really is: So what was the point of listing this?

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  1. ROFLMFAO if you don't know what that means more than happy to explain it too you. Their was a German Prisoner of War Camp back in the Day. It was known as "Camp Sunflower" nothing is left but a limestone guard tower restored back in the 1970's by a local boyscout troop. Also a shed and 2 houses that I think were once officers houses, everything else was destroyed by fire and a massive flood, several floods in face starting in the tail end of the 1940's start of the 1950's. Everything but the couple of building not burnt to by the man that bought the place, story says that he didn't want to pay the property taxes on the unused or unusable building torched them. Them bulldozed everything to turn it back into farm ground so he could rent it out to farmers get money from the Govt tie it up in Farm Loans. Get more money from the Govt not to plant wheat then to do anything with it. He never cared about the "Historic" significance of the location, or anything about the town. All he ever saw was profit and loss investments and how to take advantage of people. Back in the 1930's he made his money with loans with 1000% interest, ended up taking away several pieces of prime farmland from thous that though they were getting a helping hand instead of taking one in the backside. FEMA and or the Federal Govt has not owned the land since at the very least 1950. After Mr. Greedy Claws died it was split up auctioned off sold as part of the estate to at the very least some 50-60 different people. The town of Concordia is dying almost dead, nothing left but a joke of mini-Walmart store and people all over 65. I would of thought that someone would of made a bigger fuss over the old missile silo being bought remodeled into "End of the World Condos" for spoiled rich Twerker's with more money then brain cells. Who in their right mind is going to spend 15 million to live in a hole in the ground in dead Concordia KS, Clown County? I remember when the entire silo and 20 acres could be purchased for $20,000. hell of a mark up for pumping out the ground water cleaning adding some paint. The Silo by Salina, and Manhattan were also purchased too. The end of the world idiots are seem to think they can live after everything else is dead including the planet they live on. Joke is on them they just get to stay a little longer the suffer more when they figure out they got taken advantage of. Have to figure how of off each-other who to eat first when the canned food runs out.

    If anyone still thinks that this is some secret FEMA Concentration Camp and is able to hose anyone I have some nice beach front property just down the road from the Camp. It come with its own dock, to a privet "Tropical" island that as of yet is not listed on any modern maps of the State of KS. It's just a 9 hr trip by SS Ty-D-Bol across a Sea of green, brown to get to this beautiful hidden tropical island. Feel free to make me a cash offer, but only if you still believe that Camp Concordia is still in working order ready to receive "Prisoners" and you have a couple billion laying around.

    Link to the Camp Concordia/Sunflower site not much too it but you get the idea why when you see it. LOL!communications-bunker-concordia-ks/cdhf