Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Albany, New York

The claim: FEMA detention facility.

What it really is: There's not much details about this claim, other then stating that there is an alleged FEMA detention facility.

The city does have a large river port with multiple warehouses, and also has a booming high-tech industry and health care industry, so it's that one of these places that house these industries could be mistaken by someone with an untrained eye (and paranoid mind) for some type of FEMA camp or detention center.


  1. "could be mistaken ... untrained eye (and paranoid mind)"

    Deprecatory post that does nothing more than deprecate. Posted by someone who presumably knows more than "the average person," but shows that he knows nothing substantial.

  2. If we can't find it that doesn't mean it doesn't exist! The truth is out there!