Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nellis Air Force Range, Nevada

The claim: Northwest from Las Vegas on Route 95. Nellis AFB is just north of Las Vegas on Hwy 604.

What it really is: First, it's no longer called the Nellis Air Force Range, it's called the Nevada Test and Training Range.

The site was also used for nuclear tests between 1957 to 1963 and some areas are still contaminated from those tests. The site is still used to as test and hold simulate air warfare exercises there every year with NATO called RED FLAG, as well as Green Flag, a warfare exercise emphasizing the electronic aspects of airborne warfare.

It should be noted that Area 51 is there, and because of the top secret level security that goes on there and myths that go along with Area 51 it may have lead some conspiracy theorists to believe that this would be a natural place to put a interment camp.

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