Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Northern New Hampshire, New Hampshire / Vermont

The claim: near Lake Francis. No additional data.

What it really is: Lake Francis is an man made lake and reservoir.

After looking at satellite of lake photos of the lake I can find nothing there that would resemble a prison camp like facility. The lack of data clearly shows that who ever first claimed there was a prison camp there simply made it up from a random location.


  1. I was at Lake Francis yesterday. Last year at this time I went there specifically looking for evidence of a FEMA camp and I could not find anything. I wasn't actually looking yesterday, but it did not feel creepy up there. My feeling is that the FEDS got scared off by the KISS MY ASS NORTHERN PASS activism in northern New Hampshire. People are pretty pissed off at Quebec (and many are originally from Quebec) because of the pipeline they want to build.

  2. No, the feds did not get "scared off". I live about a half hour from Lake Francis. There has never been anything up there but moose and a few fellow rednecks.